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Get PCmover Validation Code


When you purchased PCmover, you received a unique serial number. When you enter that serial number into the program, it is "validated" (checked for authenticity) using your computer's Internet connection.

If your new/target computer cannot connect to the Internet, you can validate your serial number by completing these steps.

  1. From the Get Validation Code dialog box on the new/target PC, take note of the Network Name and Session Code.

    Note: If this dialog box is not already open, follow these intermediate steps:
    • On the new/target PC, open PCmover.
    • Proceed through the wizard screens until you reach the Serial Number Validation dialog box. To view this dialog box, make sure you have selected 'NEW computer' and 'Perform full migration' when prompted.
    • Click No Internet Access.
    • From the Get Validation code dialog box, take note of the Network Name and Session Code.

  2. Complete the fields below and click Validate Serial Number.
  3. Take note of the Validation Code displayed, including dashes.
  4. Return to your new/target PC.
  5. At the Get Validation Code dialog box, enter your Validation Code (including dashes) and click OK.
  6. The Serial Number Validation dialog box will subsequently appear with the Validation Code copied into the Serial Number field. The Validation Code will be used instead of your Serial Number to activate the product. Enter your Name and Email Address.
  7. Click Next to continue with your PCmover migration.

For additional assistance, contact Laplink Customer Service:
e-mail or call +1.425.952.6001.

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